55 shows, 8 countries, & 4 months later…

After 55 shows, 8 countries, and 4 months later I have returned home to the USA from my tour in Europe. The journey was truly beautiful! Thanks to all that came out to see me play, hosted me in their homes, or bought my new album. Your love and support made this journey possible. Below I have posted a few videos from the journey. Enjoy and remember to look for “the beauty in everything”.

Live video from Gluck ist Jetzt in Frankfurt, Germany:

Live video “Die Reise War Wunderbar” (The Journey Was Wonderful) in the woods of Duisburg, Germany with Christoph of Freebirds:

Live video from the tour with Jante in Stollberg, Germany:

(Fast forward to 10:42 for my part of the set or also enjoy Jante’s music)

Dylan cover song from the final concert of the tour in Finland with Old Romance:

Thanks for listening and if you haven’t heard the new album “7” check it out here:

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