Live Video & Tour in Germany!

Greetings!  The tour with JM Lansdowne went great!  We visited Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, & Georgia and drove over 3,000 miles.  Thanks to everyone that came out to a show, gave us a place to stay, or hosted one of the concerts.  We are grateful to you.  If you missed us, check out the video above to see us playing “When the Hangman Calls” together.

In other news, I will be heading back to Germany for a house concert tour!  Here are the concert dates:

29.9 – Münster @ Watermark
30.9 – Frankfurt @ K-Pete’s wedding
6.10 – Unterweissach @ Mission school
7.10 – Ludwigsburg @ Heidi’s flat
9.10 – Munich @ Trachtenvogl
12.10 – Konstanz @ Daniel’s flat
13.10 – Beutha @ house concert w/Jante
14.10 – Stollberg @ hauskonzert w/Jante
15.10 – Jahnsdorf @ hauskonzert w/Jante
16.10 – Chemnitz @ Inspire w/Jante
18.10 – Berlin @ Prachtwerk
20.10 – Koblenz @ Freiraum

Much love to you all!  See you at a concert this fall!

If you haven’t heard my new album “7” yet, here it is:


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