Live Video & Tour in Germany!

Greetings!  The tour with JM Lansdowne went great!  We visited Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, & Georgia and drove over 3,000 miles.  Thanks to everyone that came out to a show, gave us a place to stay, or hosted one of the concerts.  We are grateful to you.  If you missed us, check out the video above to see us playing “When the Hangman Calls” together.

In other news, I will be heading back to Germany for a house concert tour!  Here are the concert dates:

29.9 – Münster @ Watermark
30.9 – Frankfurt @ K-Pete’s wedding
6.10 – Unterweissach @ Mission school
7.10 – Ludwigsburg @ Heidi’s flat
9.10 – Munich @ Trachtenvogl
12.10 – Konstanz @ Daniel’s flat
13.10 – Beutha @ house concert w/Jante
14.10 – Stollberg @ hauskonzert w/Jante
15.10 – Jahnsdorf @ hauskonzert w/Jante
16.10 – Chemnitz @ Inspire w/Jante
18.10 – Berlin @ Prachtwerk
20.10 – Koblenz @ Freiraum

Much love to you all!  See you at a concert this fall!

If you haven’t heard my new album “7” yet, here it is:


On the road again…

On tour

It’s time to go on the road again friends!  I will be playing shows in California, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, & Tennessee this August supporting my new album “7”.  If you haven’t heard the new album check it out here out now on Sower Records:

55 shows, 8 countries, & 4 months later…

After 55 shows, 8 countries, and 4 months later I have returned home to the USA from my tour in Europe. The journey was truly beautiful! Thanks to all that came out to see me play, hosted me in their homes, or bought my new album. Your love and support made this journey possible. Below I have posted a few videos from the journey. Enjoy and remember to look for “the beauty in everything”.

Live video from Gluck ist Jetzt in Frankfurt, Germany:

Live video “Die Reise War Wunderbar” (The Journey Was Wonderful) in the woods of Duisburg, Germany with Christoph of Freebirds:

Live video from the tour with Jante in Stollberg, Germany:
(Fast forward to 10:42 for my part of the set or also enjoy Jante’s music)

Dylan cover song from the final concert of the tour in Finland with Old Romance:

Thanks for listening and if you haven’t heard the new album “7” check it out here:

New Year, New Album, New Tour!

Hello friends.

It’s a new year!  I have a new album!  I am packing up my backpack & guitar at this very moment to begin what will be a 3 month long tour across the U.S. & Europe.  It’s an exciting time for me.  I will be playing shows from Chicago to NYC, then in Germany, Switzerland, & Finland.  Check the “tour dates” section to see if I will be coming to a city near you.  If you don’t see your city on the list you can always write to me and a house concert can be arranged at your place.  I hope the new year brings good things for you.  Check out the new album “7” above, out now on Sower Records.  Enjoy & see you on the road!

“7” coming 2017! US & Europe Tour!

Dear friends,

I have completed my seventh studio album as a solo artist, thus the name of the new album is “7”. I am thankful to share the new music with you next year! It has been a wonderful journey so far putting out albums and touring internationally. I am excited for what the next chapter will bring.

In the beginning of the new year I will embark on a journey playing concerts from Chicago area to NYC, then on to Europe. Check the “tour dates” section to see if I will be coming to a city near you. I will be visiting Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and possibly Ireland and England too. To those of you in Europe I look forward to seeing you next year! Until then, check out the pre-release for “7” below. Enjoy!

Planes, Trains, Automobiles…

is a new song I just recorded for your listening enjoyment! Listen below

This song is the first in a collection of new songs which will become my seventh studio album. I will be heading to California in late October to finish recording the new album as well as doing several concerts. Check the “tour dates” section for more details. Can’t wait for you to hear the new music!

In other news, I will be going on tour this July in the Midwest of America with fellow singer-songwriter JM Lansdowne. We will be playing shows in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Check out the tour dates section to see if we will be coming to a city near you. See you on the road!



New Music!

After playing music in 7 different countries and almost 4 months on the road I have returned home to Lincoln, Nebraska. It was a long but beautiful journey. I would like to thank all my European friends that hosted a house concert, gave me a place to stay for the night, or came to see me play while I was visiting. Hats off to you my friends! You will be missed.

Now that I have finally returned home I will be playing several concerts in Nebraska so make sure to check the “tour dates” section for concert dates. I would also like you all to have my new EP “Love Isn’t What You Would Expect” for a pay what you want download above. I hope you enjoy it! Wherever or whoever you are, if you are reading this I wish you love and peace in this new year. Remember, Love never fails.