Planes, Trains, Automobiles Music Video:

Vintage footage from Paris, France. Song from the album “7” (Sower Records)

Slaves to Screens Music Video:

Video by Trever Rook (2019) Song from “The Foreigner” EP (Indie Vision Music)

Die Reise War Wunderbar (The Journey was Wonderful):

Video by Trever Rook (2019) Footage from Gluck Ist Jetzt in Frankfurt by Svenja Dobert

Barista Love Song Music Video:

Video by the Hunter Records (2019) Song from “The Foreinger EP (Indie Vision Music)

Freedom Lost Freedom Found Music Video:

Shot on Super 8 Film by Josh Head in Seattle, Washington (2009)

When the Hangman Calls Live Video:

Filmed by Brewfonatine in Bellefontaine, Ohio (2017)

This Land is Your Land (by Woody Guthrie) Live in Frankfurt:

Filmed by Svenja Dobert at Gluck ist Jetzt in Frankfurt, Germany (2017)

“Planes, Trains, & Automobiles” live in Ohio:

Video by Brewfontaine in Bellefontaine, Ohio (2017)

Melt With The Snow Music Video:

Video by the Hunter Records (2019)

Live in Belgium at U-Nite Festival, “When the Hangman Calls”:

Video by Lars Bauwens (2018)

Green Paper Black Lines Music Video:

Filmed by Embark! Photography (2011)

Enola Gay Live in Chicago:

Filmed live in Chicago, IL (2013)

Greetings From Galway live at a house concert in Prague, Czech Republic:

Bez bot #1.5 – Orion Walsh (US) from Bez bot on Vimeo.

Shot by Bez Bot (2014)

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